Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Fourth Chances

Speech in German.

The Fourth Chances consisted of a number of apartment concerts in Masthugget Gothenburg. It was organised by the association Levande Musik and curated and produced by Nina de Heney. During the event I attended with two works: a performance in the series Democratic medium where I gave a speech in German and a sound piece which was a collaboration with the German artist Thomas Wiczak.

The audience is gathering and the score distributed.

The performance of "Behind the Wall" is in progress.



sound piece titled '

Behind the wall' was performed in one of the apartments that served as a stage in Masthugget May 6, 2011. The piece began with the audience was assigned a score - see below. There was described the objects / instruments to be included and detailed information on time. More did not the audience get to know. Then all the windows were opened and a clock was placed on the wall. In other rooms in the apartment and outside there were nine non-visible people deployed, ready to produce sounds according to the score with his instrument at a predetermined time. All that is stated in the schedule occurred, but also things we could not foresee: that a man yelled to one of the participants, deployed in a bush, to immediately turn off the chainsaw, or a group of children who enthusiastically cheering on the rocket that fired of after 35 seconds.

With the work “Behind the wall”, we wanted to activate the surrounding environment and give the audience an opportunity to challenge their listening ability.

Behind the wall by Thomas Dahl & Thomas Wiczak

INSTRUMENTS and time schedule:

garbage room door (0:20) · car door (0:14, 0:18, 0:24) · kitchen door (00:12, 12:16) · microwave owen door (1:10) · bedroom door (00:12, 12:16) · front door (5:10) · gate · bell (11x or 12x) · football (3:20 - approx. 4:20) · road (2:20, 2:40) · water (0:26 to 1:30 ) · micro (3:10 to 3:30) · rocket (0:35) · egg timer (approx. 0:00 to 1:15) · car (about 2:40, 3:50 - approx. 4:10 ) · cycle (approx. 4:50 to 5:15) · chainsaw (3:35, 3:50, 4:00 to 4:30) · shower (0:32 to 1:30) · teacup (2:20 ) · hairdryer (4:07 to 4:30) · steps in the staircase (after 5:10) · kettle (1:55) · cell phone (3:20) · hoover (4:10 to 4:30) · radio